Avangard Shipyards - Ponton - Floating Dock

avangard shipyards facilities - ponton - floating dock

Information about Ponton - Floating Dock

- Dimensions:45,00m x 25,86m
- Width between two trails: 11,07m
- For yachts up to:
> 50,00m length
> 9,53m width

The ponton is specially manufactured for this shipyard. It was primarily used for the activities, such as hauling out and launching yachts up to 200t.

Further on, during the years we had the necessity to extend it. In 2007, we increased its width to allow operations on yachts up to 500t.

The ponton is U shaped and with 2 ramps over which a 500t Travel Lift is loaded.

ponton floating dock
ponton floating dock
ponton floating dock - yacht