Avangard Shipyards - 500t Travel Lift

avangard shipyards facilities - travel lift 500t

Information about 500 tons Travel Lift

- Movable boat hauler
- For yachts up to:
o 500t weight
o 50,00m length
o 9,53m width

Special care is taken for the lifting and launching of each and every yacht. We have developed a unique technique of lifting the vessels out of the water and returning them back to the water, using a U shaped floating dock (pontoon) that has 2 ramps over which a 500t Travel Lift is loaded.

The complete installation is movable; it can be towed away for other purposes, such as pulling salvaged ships from the sea, transporting ships and heavy loads or provide services of haul out/launching outside the Avangard Shipyards.

avangard shipyards facilities - travel lift 500t
500 tons travel lift in Pula Croatia
travel lift wheels
travel lift engine