Avangard Shipyards Location

Istria - Croatia

Istria, as the most western part of Croatia, is the heart of the north Adriatic Sea. Close to the old seafarer port of Trieste and only a few hours by boat from Venice the port of Pula is the shipyard “AVANGARD SHIPYARDS”.

It is a wonderful deep-water port, well protected and perfect for larger yachts to stay and start their cruise of the Adriatic.
Among others, the Romans settled there, and the most preserved Amphitheatre in the world still tells of the glory of the ancient nation.

It was the Austrian nation’s emperor who made this port into a large naval dockyard for their ambitious dream of constructing navy ships.

Friendly people and a close to Italian life style, with excellent food and a clean environment, create a perfect location for joyful experiences.
The Adriatic coastline, including the islands, is nearly 6000 km long.

These unexploited resorts enable people to enjoy the benefits of “the cleanest sea in the world”. Hundreds of islands, with ten times more gulfs and bays, are a good reason to stop and find the harmony that comes from natural beauty, climate and people.

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